The Benefits of Hiring a Dental Placement Agency

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Dental clinics and offices have significantly benefited from using a dental placement agency. In fact, outsourcing is one of the most successful strategies owners of dental practices use. Hiring a dental agency has only been increasing in popularity over time. There are many benefits to hiring a dental agency. We are going to go over [...]

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

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As seniors continue to be a growing segment of the Canadian population, so does the demand for access to reputable health and dental care. In recognition of these needs, the Government of Ontario recently implemented a program to build and develop resources that improve access to dental care for seniors. The Region of Halton embraces [...]

Women in Dentistry with Dr. Effie Habsha

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Throughout history, dentistry has been somewhat of a male-dominated field, especially in leadership and education roles. This is no longer the case. With more women in the dental profession than before, there is a large importance in recognizing and supporting women in dentistry. Female dentist Dr. Effie Habsha recognized the need to connect women in [...]

TempStars is Canada’s No. 1 rated and fastest growing dental temping app

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What do you do when you have a problem without a solution? For dentist Dr. James Younger, you build one. It all started in 2015 with a 4 a.m. text and a full schedule. With a sick dental hygienist and no replacement, Dr. Younger began to personally call patients, cancelling their appointments for the day. [...]

Let’s Talk About Face

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Dentistry goes far beyond giving patients a healthy smile. In some cases, it can mean improving someone’s quality of life. Dr. James Younger knows this all too well. That’s why he felt the need to help About Face, a Canadian charitable organization offering support to individuals with facial differences. About Face aims to promote and enhance [...]

TempStars Award of Excellence for Georgian College Grads

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Graduates from Georgian College’s Dental Hygiene program can now be recognized for their outstanding achievements thanks to Dr. James Younger, founder of TempStars. After being introduced to the faculty at Georgian College by a colleague, Dr. Younger proposed the idea of a graduation award in order to recognize one student who displayed exceptional work ethic [...]

How to Improve Team Culture and Improve Business Results

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Do you know what it takes to strengthen and develop effective leadership, good management and create a healthy team culture? More importantly, why should dentists and office managers care? On October 23rd TempStars founder Dr. James Younger travelled to Vancouver to moderate a discussion forum on that very topic. The forum, Organized by Cleardent and held [...]

How to Earn an Extra $1000 this Summer with TempStars

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Your #1 dental agency in Canada (we also go by TempStars) is bringing you, dental hygienists and dental assistants, the greatest promotion of the summer! We call it the “Summer of Love”. We’re here to tell you exactly how you can earn an extra $1000 this summer (yes, you read that correctly), but before we [...]

The Benefits of Dental Temping (TempStars Edition)

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A temporary job or ‘temping’ comes with many great benefits for the short and long term. Many people even temp as a career but dental temping is great for working on your days off and earning a little extra income as well. Temping is more successful through a dental agency where you’re provided with flexible [...]