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Dr. James Younger graduated from Dentistry at University of Toronto in 1999. Since then has been been in private practice, providing a full scope of care, including implants and bone/sinus grafting. In April 2015, James was inspired by the idea of improving hygiene temping through modern mobile technology and thus TempStars was born. TempStars now makes it fast, easy and stress-free for dental offices to find a good hygienist quickly, and allows hygienists to live a busy, flexible and empowered professional life.

Is COVID Risk In Dental Offices Less Than 1 in 3 Million?

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Introduction As you can imagine, when running the daily operations of Canada's largest dental temping and hiring service, we receive a constant flow of feedback from our members. Just recently we had a great conversation with a dental hygienist member in Ontario, and we were discussing the CDHO and RCDSO Guidelines and how different offices [...]

The Benefits of Hiring a Dental Placement Agency

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Dental clinics and offices have significantly benefited from using a dental placement agency. In fact, outsourcing is one of the most successful strategies owners of dental practices use. Hiring a dental agency has only been increasing in popularity over time. There are many benefits to hiring a dental agency. We are going to go over [...]

You Need a Dental Staff Agency for Dental Staff Solutions

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The most successful way to connect dental offices with experienced candidates is by using a dental staff agency. Candidates who get hired will be satisfied to work in a productive and enjoyable work environment. Employers will value the experienced and dedicated staff that they hired. In the end, both dental offices and staff will benefit [...]

New Dental Temping Agency Service Available in Buffalo

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TempsStars, a dental temping app and website, has officially launched in Buffalo, New York. Finally, there is a dental temp agency in Buffalo, NY that is fast and easy to use. TempStars is nor your typical dental temping agency, with the use of cutting-edge mobile technology, TempStars allows temp hygienists and temp assistants to connect [...]

How does a Dental Temping Colorado Springs Agency Work?

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If you are looking for a job as a temp hygienist or dental assistant in Colorado Springs, working through a dental temping agency is a great place to start. However, due to lack of accurate information on how they work, you may have stopped yourself from going forward. This is why we have decided to share [...]

How To Succeed As A Temp Dental Hygienist Colorado Springs?

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If you have recently graduated or returning to work as a dental hygienist or wish to explore this field as a mom, you can surely look at it as a field to freelance and make some quick money instead of working full time through a dental staffing agency Colorado Springs. So, here we have listed [...]

Louisiana Dental Temping Agency Launches

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It can sometimes be difficult to find excellent dental hygienists and assistants for your dental practice. It also becomes time-consuming. With all of the patients you need to see, you will be hard-pressed to find the time to interview candidates for these positions. Thankfully, cities in Louisiana, like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Lafayette [...]

New Dental Temping Agency Gives North Carolina More Options

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Dentists and dental hygienists alike now have increased access to the best opportunities thanks to TempStars dental temping agency in North Carolina. Find professional job placement or technical and office employees at your fingertips. The innovative, real-time app has hundreds of high-quality members across NC. Find a fill-in when a regular hygienist is out or [...]

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

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As seniors continue to be a growing segment of the Canadian population, so does the demand for access to reputable health and dental care. In recognition of these needs, the Government of Ontario recently implemented a program to build and develop resources that improve access to dental care for seniors. The Region of Halton embraces [...]