Integrating On-Demand Dental Professionals Into Your Practice

The economic landscape has changed dramatically due to the emergence of the on-demand or “gig” economy. Many companies, such as Uber and GrubHub, have disrupted [...]

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

As seniors continue to be a growing segment of the Canadian population, so does the demand for access to reputable health and dental care. In [...]

TempStars Award of Excellence for Georgian College Grads

Graduates from Georgian College’s Dental Hygiene program can now be recognized for their outstanding achievements thanks to Dr. James Younger, founder of TempStars. After being [...]

Avulsed primary tooth

A great option for transporting the tooth to the dentist is in milk if it's available. If the tooth is clean, putting the tooth in the [...]

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Cavitron vs Piezo

The debate between piezo and cavitron is a classic, and they can both be great ultrasonics if you follow a few key principles: Cavitron The [...]

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Attrition, erosion, or abrasion?

There may in fact be some bruxism going on here, but without a full examination and history it’s hard to say if the wear facets [...]

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