Dental Temping in a Post-COVID World: An Interview with Lin Choo, RDH

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With 1000's of temping shifts completed through TempStars since dental offices reopened, we wanted to dig in and find out how things are really going for our members post-COVID. In this series of interviews, we chatted one-on-one (virtually!) with some of our dental hygienist, dental assistant, and dentist members to hear about their real [...]

Integrating On-Demand Dental Professionals Into Your Practice

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The economic landscape has changed dramatically due to the emergence of the on-demand or “gig” economy. Many companies, such as Uber and GrubHub, have disrupted the status quo by using modern technology to provide quick, convenient, and efficient services. You can now order a taxi directly from your smartphone and watch its progress in real-time [...]

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

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As seniors continue to be a growing segment of the Canadian population, so does the demand for access to reputable health and dental care. In recognition of these needs, the Government of Ontario recently implemented a program to build and develop resources that improve access to dental care for seniors. The Region of Halton embraces [...]

TempStars Award of Excellence for Georgian College Grads

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Graduates from Georgian College’s Dental Hygiene program can now be recognized for their outstanding achievements thanks to Dr. James Younger, founder of TempStars. After being introduced to the faculty at Georgian College by a colleague, Dr. Younger proposed the idea of a graduation award in order to recognize one student who displayed exceptional work ethic [...]

Cavitron vs Piezo

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The debate between piezo and cavitron is a classic, and they can both be great ultrasonics if you follow a few key principles: Cavitron The perception that the Cavitron is more powerful is a common one. And given the eliptical tip vibration pattern, you do have more active surfaces for debris removal. For initial therapy [...]