Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, 98% of Dental Offices say there were “Happy” or “Very Happy” with their TempStars hygienist or assistant.


General Questions

As soon as you post your dental temping shift, every hygienist or assistant (depending on your need) within 110km of your office are immediately notified through a text message on their phone. They view your posting within their TempStars app. Any available temp will send in an offer to work your shift.

You will then you will receive an e-mail notification (and an app notification – so be sure it install the TempStars app!) when you have an offer from an available temp to work your shift.

We currently have a 97% placement success rate in most areas. As you can imagine, matches depend on the availability of hygienists/assistants in an area. With over 8000 hygienist & assistant members, we give you direct access to a much larger pool of available hygienists/assistants than any traditional dental placement agency.

TempStars’ technology is built and optimized to connect you directly with local available hygienists & assistants. The system is designed to give you the best chance of finding a good temp quickly. Because of this, the best way to find a hygienist/assistant is using the website/app to post your job.

It takes less than a minute to post a job and a notification is immediately sent to every possible temp. Our 97% placement success rate depends on our sophisticated system notifying hundreds of top hygienists & assistants immediately about your posting.

TempStars administrators don’t have additional “back-channel” access to any hygienists/assistants – all connections are made through the system by posting a shift – and is far more efficient than methods of traditional dental temping agencies.

We did have this feature early on, but it was really causing a lot of confusion and issues, so we removed it.  Currently, each day needs to be posted individually but we can appreciate the convenience of this – so we’ll definitely revisit this feature in the future when we develop an efficient, easy way to deliver it. Stay tuned!

Hygienists and assistants will submit an offer to work your shift. The hourly rate is determined by the individual submitting the offer, but is subject to your approval. We recently introduced a “Proposed Hourly Rate” feature which lets you suggest an hourly rate for your shift and “anchors” the offering rates around that Proposed Rate. Hygienists and assistants still have control over the rate they offer, but they can see your Proposed Rate as recommended, and take your suggestion into consideration. The hygienist or assistant is only booked/confirmed for the shift after your approval of the details of the offer, including the hourly rate.

“Paid time” starts at the scheduled Arrival Time posted for the job and ends at the completion of the shift.

“Unpaid time” is typically lunch break. Most offices pay for down time during the shift and patient cancellations as Paid Time, but if you are one of the few offices that doesn’t pay hygienists/assistants for down time, there is a little checkbox when posting a job to indicate this. But please note, if you check the box indicating you don’t pay for down time and/or patient cancellations, the likelihood of your posting going unfilled rises dramatically.

Our placement fee is $47 CAD +applicable taxes (for Canada) and $25 USD (for the United States of America) per completed temping shift. This is only ever billed after a successful placement is completed.

The placement fee applies to all shifts booked using the app. It also applies to any placements made through direct contact with a TempStars hygienist/assistant if the temp hygienist or assistant was introduced to the office by TempStars.  So if TempStars introduces a temporary dental hygienist or dental assistant to your office, our standard dental temping placement fee applies for all temping shifts with that hygienist/assistant, whether arranged on the TempStars service or outside of it.

TempStars hygienists/assistants are generally considered independent contractors for your office and payment is made directly to them. They are not employees of TempStars. The preferred method is a cheque or e-transfer the same day as the placement, but the hygienists/assistants are aware some offices have payroll and accounting departments that send out payment via cheque or electronic transfer.  In addition, we have a Pay Now feature which allows you to pay your Hygienist or Assistant with a click of a button.  We process the payment electronically for you and transfer the funds directly to the hygienist/assistant.

Yes, and it’s FREE!  We don’t charge a “hiring” or “finder’s” fee to hire anyone from TempStars.  If you are looking for a permanent hire for your office (or mat leave) and find a TempStars hygienist or assistant you love, we’re happy to make the match and (it’s true) we do not charge a “Finder’s Fee” for hiring them. This is provided the temp is a hired as an employee on payroll for regular permanent shifts.

If the temp is considered casual, semi-regular and not hired onto the payroll, then standard placement fees apply for all shifts. If there are any questions about when this applies, contact us for clarification.

Yes!  TempStars Job Board is accessed right in the same app/website as the temping – just click “Hire Staff” – check here for more information about our game-changing Job Board.

TempStars hygienists/assistants have a reputation of dependability and excellence. Our cancellation rate is an industry-leader at less than 1%, so it’s rare for someone from TempStars to cancel. As for a “no-show”, this rate is much below 1%.

But if a cancellation does occur:  you receive a notification via e-mail and text. TempStars is also notified right away by text message and e-mail. The job is automatically re-posted to the system, an urgent notice is immediately sent out to all available hygienists/assistants and followed up personally by our team to all available hygienists/assistants.

Any hygienist or assistant who cancels a booked shift is penalized by being blocked from viewing any Available Jobs for a period of time. A second occurrence results in them being removed from TempStars. The extreme seriousness of booking shifts is very clearly emphasized to all hygienists/assistants, not only when they sign up but every time they book a shift.

So yes, cancellations are a reality in all temping situations and can happen rarely, but it’s managed swiftly and everything possible is done to find a replacement for you.

To install the app on your mobile, here are the links to the app stores:

For Apple iPhone:

For Android/Samsung:

You don’t need the app installed to use TempStars, you can also use the website. The TempStars app is great, though, and very sophisticated.  You’ll get real-time alerts about your shift postings, offers submitted, etc.  It’s very easy to use – the entire TempStars service in your pocket!

But if that’s not your preference, to register or log into the website service, head to this link:

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