The Dos and Don’ts of Dental Office Work Culture

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Dental offices thrive when all employees are on the same page and feel like the conditions are there for them to thrive and become valuable contributors. Healthy and cohesive teams can only benefit dental practices because they are the driving force behind productivity.  Especially considering the current state of dental staffing as practices try to [...]

5 Tips to Find Qualified Dental Employees

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Having qualified and trustworthy dental professionals on staff make everything easier for dental leaders trying to run a competent practice. Qualified practitioners immediately win clients' trust, especially as clients demand more transparency and personalized services nowadays. Whether you’re looking for associates, admin staff, or dental temps, you want to know that as a dental leader [...]

Examining How Dental Staffing Has Forever Changed in the New Normal

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  Dental staffing has undergone a true transformation since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. Dentists are increasingly retiring, hygienists are departing the workforce, and administrative positions are facing constant turnover as front desk workers and billing specialists apply for other jobs relatively soon after getting them.  Also, many dentists have expressed their [...]

Preserving a Positive Work Culture in Dentistry

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Dentistry is a demanding field in which providing optimal customer experiences and creating a comfortable working atmosphere for dental teams amid constant demands are key. Healthy team culture and positive work experience are something on which employees, including dental temps, are placing an increasing value. The pandemic has shifted their thinking, leading to an increased [...]

TempStars Dental Temping and Hiring Brings Top-Tier Services to Nashville, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Chicago, and Boston

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TempStars announced we are expanding our service to 7 cities in the U.S.  Bringing top-tier dental temping and hiring to Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Scottsdale and Phoenix.  Now dental offices looking for temping, hiring or dental recruiting will have access to great service at fair prices.

TempStars Expands Dental Temping and Hiring Services to Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Arizona and Pennsylvania

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TempStars Dental Temping and Hiring is excited to announce our expansion to select cities in the U.S.!   Now any dental offices looking for temping, hiring or dental recruiting services in Boston, Chicago, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Scottsdale and Phoenix have access to a dental temping and hiring service they will love!

New Dental Temping Agency Service Available In Nashville

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If you are looking for dental temps in Nashville, then you need to stop what you're doing and get yourself to our new Nashville Dental Temping Agency. This is a one-stop-shop for all of your temp needs, TempStars. With affordable rates, flexible hours, and top-notch service - it's no wonder that our Nashville Dental [...]

The Core Elements of Dental Leadership You Must Exercise

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Leadership sometimes sounds more complicated than it needs to be, with the proverbial thought that you need to be constantly vocal and demanding to be successful at it. Truth be told, leadership is best exemplified in simplicity. When you examine leadership skills, you realize that it’s how you implement your leadership style and relate to [...]

How Pittsburgh Dental Professionals Can Have a Flexible Work Life with TempStars

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Pittsburgh dental professionals, TempStars is available in your area! In the past few years, Pittsburgh has seen a significant uptick in its population. More people are moving to the area, and more people are seeking dental treatment as a result. With a booming economy and an increase in demand for dentists, it’s no wonder [...]