Let’s Talk About Face

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Dentistry goes far beyond giving patients a healthy smile. In some cases, it can mean improving someone’s quality of life. Dr. James Younger knows this all too well. That’s why he felt the need to help About Face, a Canadian charitable organization offering support to individuals with facial differences. About Face aims to promote and enhance [...]

Watch for Cement Around Dental Implants

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Keep an eye on those implants for residual cement: it's extremely common and doesn't always show up on radiographs, especially on the buccals & linguals. Watch for chronic inflammation, suppuration and remember your gentle probing. The current literature is promoting using only a thin film of cement around the margin when cementing implant crowns which [...]

Assessing Dental Implants at Recalls

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With more and more dental implants being placed every year, you will inevitably see them in various states of health.  As a dental hygienist, you are a vital part of the care and maintenance of implants and critical to optimizing long-term success - through direct hygiene therapy as well as instruction and counselling.  Here are [...]