Why are Dentists Facing Applicant Shortages and How Can They Be Addressed?

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Despite increased optimism from dental leaders, there has been increasing concern about the lack of qualified applicants to fill vital positions. More than half of dental practices have seen patient volumes return to pre-pandemic levels. Practices must identify talent to meet growing patient demand. Whether they have the pool to choose from, however, is the [...]

TempStars 3 Shifts in 30 Days Challenge

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Want a FREE Amazon.ca Gift Card? We have a new offer, '3 Shifts in 30 Days Challenge' for Ontario Dental Hygienists and Assistants who join TempStars on or after May 3rd, 2021. The rules are simple and easy! How can you claim your Gift Card? Easy! Read how below. This promotion is only open to [...]

Earn Cash and TempStars Branded Merch this Spring

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Want to earn a reward of cash and TempStars merch? We have several cash prizes and exclusive TempStars branded merch to give away! At TempStars we value our growing Member community of Dental Professionals and we wanted to show some love by running a newly launched contest - TempStars "Spring into Action" promotion. The contest is [...]

Here’s What is on TempStars’ 2021 Vision Board

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We are on an unwavering mission to improve the work lives of dental professionals by remaining the option for happy temping and hiring connections between those looking to hire for temping and permanent positions, and those seeking employment for those roles. Have you ever wondered how TempStars continues to grow, what drives us, [...]

Dentistry in a Post-COVID World: An Interview with Dr. Narang & Eileen Villanueva RRDH

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With 1000's of temping shifts completed through TempStars since dental offices reopened, we wanted to dig in and find out how things are really going for our members post-COVID. In this series of interviews, we chatted one-on-one (virtually!) with some of our dental hygienist, dental assistant, and dentist members to hear about their real [...]

Our Game-Changing Job Board is Now PUBLIC!

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Finding your dream job has never been easier! Our game-changing TempStars Job Board is now available publicly for anybody to look for dental job postings in their area. This means you don’t need to be a member of TempStars (yet!) to see what opportunities await you. And don't forget - our Job Board is FREE [...]

Integrating On-Demand Dental Professionals Into Your Practice

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The economic landscape has changed dramatically due to the emergence of the on-demand or “gig” economy. Many companies, such as Uber and GrubHub, have disrupted the status quo by using modern technology to provide quick, convenient, and efficient services. You can now order a taxi directly from your smartphone and watch its progress in real-time [...]

The Benefits of Hiring a Dental Placement Agency

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Dental clinics and offices have significantly benefited from using a dental placement agency. In fact, outsourcing is one of the most successful strategies owners of dental practices use. Hiring a dental agency has only been increasing in popularity over time. There are many benefits to hiring a dental agency. We are going to go over [...]

Vancouver Temp Hygienists – Things To Do When You’re Not Working

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Since the TempStars dental temp agency was formed, I've had the pleasure of meeting many Vancouver temp hygienists.  Some hygienists are working part-time at a dental office and using temping to fill in their week.  Others are using a dental temp agency full time to work a busy week of temp placements.   Either way, the [...]