If you have a dental practice in Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or somewhere else, you will inevitably have situations where you are short-staffed. To avoid the financial repercussions this could bring to your practice, you will likely be looking into getting temporary employees hired through a dental staffing agency. However, you may have some questions regarding how it all works. 

Here are the most frequently asked questions involving hiring a dental staffing agency you are probably wanting to know the answers to:

How does a dental staffing agency screen applicants?

Dental recruiting through a temp agency involves a thorough screening process. There will be an in-person interview, as well as verification of personal identification details. An extensive reference check will also be conducted. If an applicant does not pass the screening process, they will be passed over and not discussed with you. 

Can a dental temp or staffing agency fill in a position with a days notice?

A dental staffing agency will fill your position as fast as it can. To ensure the process goes as quickly as possible, you should submit any relevant information regarding the type of temp employee you are looking to hire, as well as their experience level and pay scale. 

A staffing agency wants to deliver the best candidates for an open position you have. This could take some time depending on how large the database of candidates is. Given that all candidates are thoroughly screened, it is not a process that should be rushed. Ideally, your request can be filled with a day’s notice.

How much does it cost to hire temp employees?

The cost of hiring a temporary employee for your dental practice will vary depending on what requirements your open position has. An estimate can be provided to you once the temp agency receives the job profile from you. To receive an estimate quicker, you can also provide a range in which you would like to pay for temp staff. This will then allow for a search through the candidate database to solely focus on those matching it. 

How does temp staff get paid?

When an employee is hired through a temp staffing agency, they are paid by the agency directly. A placement agency would shift the burden onto your dental practice to directly pay them instead. Prior to an employee being paid, you will have come to an agreement with the temp recruiting agency as to what amount an employee will get paid. 


Now that you know the answers to the most frequently asked questions about dental staffing agencies, you should feel more confident hiring one to fulfill your staffing needs. Whether you are looking for someone to fill a position briefly and on a single day’s notice, or are looking for a temp employee with the possibility of them converting to a permanent employee, a dental staffing agency will be able to fulfill your needs. Consider hiring one for your next open position!