Dental Offices Seasonal Surge: The Benefits of Using Dental Temps During December

As the year’s final month descends upon us, the dental offices seasonal surge is officially here. This will see practices find themselves navigating a unique set of challenges brought on by increased patient demand, staff vacations, and the festive rush to use insurance benefits. In oral healthcare, where precision and patient care are paramount, maintaining optimal staffing levels becomes essential. 

The TempStars dental temp app is one of the ways that practices can stay on top of the increased demand without stretching their staff too thin. From increasing morale to allowing offices to capitalize on seasonal traffic, working with temps during December has many benefits. From Chicago Dental practices in the city to small practices, everyone can stand to benefit. Keep on reading to learn more.

Are Temp Dental Assistants and Hygienists Ideal For Supporting The Dental Office Seasonal Surge?

Almost 70% of US residents have dental care insurance as of 2023, which signals a busy time for the end of the year. This is also a trend mirrored within Canada, as just under 55% of residents have a private-care dental plan. With all major insurance companies running benefits in line with the calendar year, December 31st is a treatment deadline that many know.

As a dental staffing agency, we can vouch firsthand for how busy the season can get. This is because it’s not just the increased footfall to contend with but other factors, including staff illness, vacations and travel disruptions due to bad weather. 

With more patients taking time off work to finish the year on a high by completing all of their personal admin before the holidays, operating with insufficient staffing levels is simply not an option.

What Benefits Can Temporary Dental Staff Provide During the Seasonal Rush?

Dental practice management can be a complex task, especially when patient demands are much higher than usual. Thankfully, you will be pleased to know that temporary dental professionals can alleviate many issues to ensure a successful surge season for the offices they visit. 

By securing RDH temps and dental assistants for the seasonal rush, practices benefit from the following:

Meeting Surges in Patient Bookings 

As we have covered, the seasonal rush often leads to more patient appointments. Whilst a certain amount of this can be pre-planned for, there will always be many patients who book last minute.

By having temporary dental professionals just a few clicks away, you can operate in the reactive way the season demands. This flexibility ensures that the practice can extend operating hours or add extra days to accommodate more patients during the busy season.

Cost-Efficient Staffing

Hiring temporary dental staff can be a money-saving solution during the seasonal rush. It eliminates the need for long-term financial commitments, such as salaries and benefits, while ensuring the profits can still be maximized. 

Maintain Patient Experience and Company Culture

With additional hands on deck, dental offices can maintain high service quality standards during the busiest times. This benefits the patient experience, showing how professional service can be even under pressure. If a patient has a good experience at this time of year, you are more likely to secure their business for future months. 

Temporary professionals are also essential for keeping existing teams performing well and motivated. Inadequate staffing is a principal contributor to job-related stress. At a time of year when staff will be out of the office for various reasons, bringing temps into the fold will keep everyone happy. Temporary dental staff can also support even if employees are not out of the office. By allowing a way to distribute the workload,  burnout can be prevented among the regular team.

Adapting to Seasonal Variability

Temporary dental staff are accustomed to adapting quickly to different environments and workflows. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into existing teams allows dental offices to expertly handle the seasonal variability in patient load. Another benefit of working with temporary dental assistants and hygienists is that they possess transferable skills. This means as well as completing the work they have been booked to do, they will likely be able to support other team members. You can learn more about the transferable skills that dental hygienists bring to an office, for example, by clicking the link.

How Can You Secure Dental Temping Professionals When Competition Is High?

Deciding you want to work with temporary dental professionals and managing to secure them can be two very different battles. 

You will not be the only dental office that chooses this as a technique for surviving the surge season. However, you are in luck as in a bid to find a work-life balance, more professionals than ever are taking the power into their own hands by temping full-time. 

To secure the top talent when it counts, we recommend you follow these pointers:

  1. Start posting your opportunities as soon as possible on the TempStars app, as it means professionals will start to get to know your practice.
  2. Always leave feedback for professionals who complete shifts, as this encourages the same in return. Positive feedback will appeal to temps looking for opportunities. 
  3. Make decisions quickly. Once you have posted a job, don’t leave it ages before making a booking, as someone else might have chosen that talent. 
  4. Focus on being organized and providing a good experience for temps. This will mean they are more likely to return and speak highly of you amongst fellow professionals.

Why Is Tempstars the Dental Temp Agency for You?

Hopefully, now you have a great idea of the benefits available to you when choosing to post temporary dental hygienist jobs as well as opportunities for assistants is ideal this festive season.

As a dentist founded us, the issues that offices face are exactly what the TempStars app is based on. Working hard throughout the year to secure top talent means our dental offices have a pool of top talent to choose from when the busy season strikes. 

What are you waiting for? Start posting shifts via TempStars today to unlock all of the benefits included in this article. Whether you need Ontario dental temps, Chicago experts or talent from other US locations, we have got you covered.