Dental Offices: How To Appeal To Temping Professionals in 2024

Building and maintaining a healthy company culture offers many benefits. From improving patient experience to helping team members work more cohesively, dental offices can elevate performance with some careful considerations. This is also a great way to appeal to temping dental professionals looking for practices to work within. With dental temping becoming more popular with professionals within the sector, it’s important to apply the same thought processes for permanent members to those who will just join for a short period.

At TempStars, we have made it our mission to support this. Not only is our app designed to help companies showcase themselves in the best light, but we cater to both demand and supply. Keep reading to learn how you can secure top-temping talent in 2024. Whether you have been missing out in 2023 or are changing your staffing strategy, these tips will help.

Strategies For Dental Offices To Attract the Best Temps

Our app is filled with thousands of dental assistants and hygienists, all looking for temporary work. To secure dental temping professionals when competition is high, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Build a strong reputation: Word-of-mouth and digital recommendations influence the dental industry. Furthermore, 84% of people say they are influenced by company reputation when finding new work. Provide an excellent working environment for temping professionals and ensure they have positive experiences working at your office. This will encourage them to recommend your office to their colleagues and leave positive feedback via the TempStars app.
  2. Provide flexibility: Temping professionals often value flexibility in their schedules. Offer flexible working hours to accommodate their needs, such as allowing them to choose the days or shifts they prefer to work.
  3. Maintain open communication: Establish good communication channels with temping professionals. Keep them informed about upcoming temping opportunities and maintain regular contact to build rapport and stay updated on their availability.
  4. Provide a positive work environment: Create a welcoming and supportive work environment that temping professionals want to participate in. This includes fostering a positive team culture, providing necessary resources and equipment, and ensuring a comfortable and safe working space.
  5. Streamline the temping process: Make the temping process as seamless as possible. Implement efficient administrative procedures, clear communication channels, and clear expectations for temping professionals to ensure a smooth transition and positive experience for everyone involved.

What Do Temping Professionals Want In 2024?

The best way to get all the above points integrated into your dental office in a way that will appeal to talent is to tick the boxes of what they are looking for in 2024. By getting in the mind of the temping professional, you can appeal to them even more!

We believe the following factors play a big part:

Wellbeing and work-life balance are important for temps because they often juggle multiple assignments or work at different offices. Ensuring they have a good work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burnout, improving their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Competitive rates are important for temps as they are often paid by the hour. A fair and competitive rate ensures they are compensated fairly for their time and skills. This helps attract and retain skilled temps and ensures they feel valued for their work.

Experience is important for temps as it allows them to gain exposure to different work environments and challenges. This helps them enhance their skills and knowledge, making them more attractive to potential employers. Experience also helps build their reputation as reliable, skilled, and professional temps, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Start Posting On TempStars!

If you are looking for a way to secure top talent in 2024, choose TempStars. Thanks to a busy surge season, we have more talent than ever and are looking to work well into the new year. The world of temping can be competitive, and talent has a lot of power in their hands.
By ensuring your office stands out for all the right reasons, you can secure the best employees for 2024 to ensure your business thrives.

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