Complete Guide to Temping for Dental Graduates

Lots of talent is about to hit the market as are 26,596 dental students enrolled in dental education programs during 2022-2023. Many of these students will likely be looking for full-time positions upon graduation. However, for some, dental temping will be the perfect solution. 

The ongoing dental shortage in North America means lots of jobs are available for grads. These opportunities can see their careers fly much quicker than if they had taken on a more traditional method of employment straight out of education. Give this blog a read if you are about to graduate or a new grad in need of advice.

What is Dental Temping?

Temping offers the dental industry as a way for  professionals to take on temporary or short-term positions to cover for permanent staff that are unable to work. This could be due to vacation, maternity leave, or sick leave. Additionally, temping is used to fill demand during busy periods. This is a common way for dental practice management to operate. This is because ever-increasing patient needs will only equate to profitable services if they can constantly run at full capacity.

TempStars is a dental temping app that provides dental assistants and hygienists placements. Our process puts practices and temps’ best interests at the center of everything. Elevated experience is offered due to fair payment, equal opportunities, and ease of booking with no contracts needed.

The duration of a dental temp job vary from a single day to several weeks. In some cases, doing well in a temporary position can also lead to full-time and permanent employment in a practice.

How Can Dental Office Temping Support Recent Dental Graduates?

Getting through dental school is a huge achievement; well done! Temping is a fantastic solution if you have newly graduated and are daunted by the big world of professional dentistry. Alternatively it offers lots of opportunities for those wanting to absorb experience quickly. All of these benefits allow millennials in dentistry to strengthen the potential of dental practices and their own careers simultaneously. 

For forward-thinking RDH temps and assistants, dental temping offers the following benefits:

Exposure to different practices and environments

Getting to thrive in different temping positions means working in many locations and experiencing the various ways real-life dentistry works. From small suburb practices to busy inner-city spots, by taking on available temping shifts you can experience them all.

Chance to use a variety of skills

Nothing is worse than having all the skills freshly polished after graduating and going into a role that doesn’t let you use them. By diving straight into temping, you will be required to carry out the tasks you are qualified for.

Lots of real-life experience

Interacting with patients can be challenging and rewarding due to the different characters you will face. Getting exposure early on in your career is essential for improving emotional intelligence and professional social skills.

Temporary dental workers often need to quickly establish rapport with patients. This experience can improve the ability to communicate effectively, actively listen to patients, and address their concerns. All of these make for a more adapt expert who can easily put patients at ease. Furthermore, other skills such as problem-solving, customer service, adaptability, and time management all stand to be benefit.

Fast-track a standout CV

Being a temp dental hygienist or assistant will mean your CV is full of experience even early on in your career. This can be further strengthened by the positive feedback you can gain from reviews on our app! 

As well as a plethora of experience, having temping roles to show demonstrates versatility. Additionally, quantifiable evidence of skills being used and a desire to progress are also demonstrated. These are all positive traits looked for by hiring managers.

What Should You Consider When Starting To Temp?

  1. Know how to market yourself properly. By crafting a stellar resume, or online presence on an app like TempStars, you will stand out to prospective temporary hiring managers.
  2. Choose the right dental job placement agencies or agency for you. You should select a business that will deliver quality jobs and provide additional support when needed.
  3. Plan your finances properly before you start. As with any form of temporary employment, it’s best to work with an accountant you trust.
  4. Ensure you have a healthy work-life balance. The best way to work confidently as a temp is to have a strong balance of working with the other parts of your life so that you can always give every shift 100%. You should also plan when you are free so that when shifts come up, you are fast to put yourself forward.
  5. Always consider how you are coming across. As well as making a real effort to fit in with colleagues and meet patients expectations, remember you are always representing your own brand. If you want to impress, it’s important that you always do your best.

How Does TempStars Support Dental Graduates?

Our app offers dental hygienists and assistants a safe place to secure temporary work. We put you in control by allowing full customization of your profile and hourly rate. Our support team is always on hand to help as we take our role as a dental temp agency seriously. 

We also commonly share tips and advice for grads via our social channels and our blog, so ensure you are following us to stay current.

Another way that we spread support for RDH and assistant grads is via events in the community. Our next event is on November 12th in Ontario, Canada.

Dental graduates about to take the boards studying in college.

The RDH New Grad Summit Event, being run by TempStars and Mouthboxx, is a chance for upcoming RDH to prepare for the boards and network with peers. The event will feature expert panel talks and full prep support for the transition from school to real-life work, so it’s one to attend if you plan on having a career based in Canada. Click here to book tickets now!

You can also download our app for FREE to start temping today! There is nothing stopping new graduates from taking control of their careers from day one. 

Is temping right for you? Comment your thoughts and questions below.