Unlocking the Full Value: Exploring How Dental Hygienists Skills Contribute to a Practice

TempStars dental temping is a lifesaver for many practices. Eliminating the unwanted issue of scrambling for dental hygienists and assistants certainly reduces stress levels. However, have you ever considered the additional benefits of bringing in RDH experts? By understanding the many dental hygienist skills you will gain from working with experts, you can successfully maximize the potential of temporary dental hygienists while ensuring a healthy ROI. 

What Benefits Can Dental Hygienists Offer Practices?

Let’s drive straight into the reason you have clicked on this article; how can a temp hygienist benefit your business?

Preventative Care

Dental hygienists are experts in preventive dental care. This means other services within a practice can have pressure alleviated if fewer problems occur for patients. Their work prevents and detect dental problems before they become more severe, saving the practice and patients time plus money.

Improved Patient Education

Empowered patients will be more confident and happier with their dental journey. This also is likely to reflect a positive attitude towards the practice and its professionals.

Support For Other Professionals

Dental hygienists are possibly the most versatile professionals within dentistry. This is because of their wide ranging medical expertise, plus transferable skills such as communication, independence, time management, problem-solving and empathy. This means they can help dentists at any time and also take on other appointment tasks such as assistant duties if there’s a sudden gap.

Infection Control Expertise

Dental hygienists are also highly experienced in infection control, following strict protocols to ensure a safe dental environment. This is crucial for patient safety and compliance with regulations. This attention to detail and approach to managing the task can positively impact the wider practice and its professionals.

Collaborative Cultural Impacts

Working closely with other professionals, even if they are a temporary addition, will also contribute to a healthy company culture. Forbes states that ‘culture is a company’s single most powerful advantage‘, which is why financial benefits start flowing in when things are done right.

Critical Thinking

Due to the nature of their work, dental hygienists must be able to think and act quickly. This often also requires problem-solving and looking at ways to provide excellent patient experience without any barriers being in the way. These skills can benefit the wider practice by encouraging a culture of active critical thinkers.

Do RDH Temps Possess All Professional Skills?

Temping dental hygienists are no less qualified than permanently employed professionals.

In fact, they likely possess more transferable skills and development experience, which makes them a strong asset to bring to the team. When choosing a temp RDH through TempStars, you can view all skills under the application, as we require a full profile to be added so that offices are able to make confident decisions.


Dental hygienists play a crucial role in practices by providing preventive care, education, and support to patients, freeing up dentists for more complex procedures, and contributing to the overall efficiency and success of the practice. Their expertise in oral health and their focus on patient care make them indispensable team members in the dental field.

If you are from a dental office and experiencing a lack of RDH talent, download TempStars today to access a ready-and-waiting portfolio of professionals!

Also, comment below what additional benefits you think dental hygienists can bring to a dental office, its teams and patients.