Millennials are the largest generation in North America. They make up a large portion of the population and, a big part of the workforce in the dental industry. Dental leaders must understand this demographic’s mindset, expectations, and collaboration methods to enhance dental office culture. Here’s a look at the facts you need to know about millennials in dentistry.

Who Are Millennials and What Are Their Characteristics?

Millennial dentists are quickly moving into positions of leadership in the dental industry, and other dentists can no longer afford to ignore the demographic. These digital natives prioritize user-friendly tech for seamless practice interaction – automated scheduling, digital forms, secure document transmission. Similar to Generation Z dentists, they’re also proficient in researching treatments online and more likely to transact with virtual payment solutions than older generations.

By understanding millennials in dentistry, dental leaders can use this knowledge to engage them better, leverage their unique characteristics, and ultimately bring more young people into the field.

How to Attract Millennials to Your Private Practice Dentistry

Millennials form a vital part of the dental community. The truth is, millennials’ approach to dentistry can strengthen and enrich the patient experience and foster a healthy team culture in the dental office. There are many approaches to connecting millennials with dentists that can make both parties successful.

Dental leaders must consider millennials’ perspectives and develop strategies to attract them, including flexibility, career plans, and sufficient appointment spacing. By leveraging millennials’ strengths in technology, market segmentation, and critical thinking, practices can unlock greater potential than ever before. By incorporating millennials, dental offices could leverage their unique abilities and skills to stay competitive. Millennials could keep contributing their skills toward making this sector more technologically friendly.

The Benefits of Having Millennials in Your Dental Practice

Millennials have been found to be dedicated and loyal dental professionals when in private dental practice. Following are some key statistics on their contribution to the dental industry:

  • They are the most highly educated generation to enter the dental industry, with 58% of dentists have obtained a postgraduate degree. 
  • Additionally, research has shown that 88% of millennial dentists will remain in private practice for at least five years. 
  • This generation also generally takes heightened precautions when delivering care, both for safety and organizational concerns; for example, 96% use face shields or goggles when treating patients, compared to 85% of non-millennials. 
  • Moreover, millennials have proven to be supportive of team-based approaches to ensure patient satisfaction. 

Therefore, it is clear that this generation is well-prepared to excel in dental settings and ready to work hard to ensure high-quality patient care.

Millennials Deliver Quality Service

It is well established that millennials in the dental profession offer stellar levels of service to their patients. Millennial dental professionals deliver exceptional quality through technology, research, and patient-centered care. 

As such, evidence points to physicians who are embracing the millennial mentality with respect to their practices being rewarded with positive performance gains in quality ratings. Furthermore, the implementation of educational credentials alongside contemporary technology is allowing millennials in dentistry to revolutionize the field with a new standard of excellence that continues to strengthen as they build on their experience over time.

Millennials Are Loyal Dental Professionals

Once they find a conducive office environment and a work culture, millennials tend to remain loyal dental professionals for many years—so it’s important that dental practices do everything possible to keep them happy and engaged. This means offering an excellent work culture, utilizing technology whenever possible, and providing flexible working hours. Doing these things will ensure that millennial dental assistants and dental hygienists stay with your practice over the long term. 


Millennials are a unique generation with specific characteristics that can excel in dentistry. By understanding how to attract and retain them, you can reap the many unmatched benefits they have to offer. TempStars is North America’s most-loved dental temping and hiring service. We make it easy for millennials to find great dental jobs that fit their lifestyle. With us, they can earn top hourly rates while creating their own schedule—all from the convenience of their phone. Learn more about how our services can benefit your dental practice by visiting our website today.