We’ve been listening carefully to your feedback – and you’ve been heard! 🙂 So we’ve been working hard on a Big Initiative:

Our Community Management Initiative

At TempStars, we have established a reputation of providing fast, easy and predictably quality temping connections. This reputation has helped us become Canada’s largest and #1 Rated dental temping and hiring service.

As our membership grows, we’re able to use our vast database of tens of thousands of completed temping shifts to identify those members (dental offices, dental hygienists and assistants) who best represent TempStars values of respect for others, reliability and great service. Similarly, we’re able to identify those that have a developed a track record for not exemplifying these values.

We Care About Our Entire Community of Dental Professionals

Please trust – we care about providing the best temping and hiring experiences for all dental professionals – we don’t favour offices over hygienists and assistants, or vice versa.  We want everyone to be confident in TempStars ability to provide consistently reliable and excellent temping and hiring experiences, and this Community Management initiative is aligned with that vision.

You’ll Notice “Pro” and “Elite” Member Offices, Hygienist & Assistants

For those super star offices and members who are in the top 25% of reliability and great service, you’ll notice a Pro or Elite badge on their profile. This applies to all members – dental offices, hygienists and dental assistants. We wanted a way to identify and highlight those members who are enriching and strengthening our reputation and community.

To clarify, it’s certainly not to say that an office or member without a Pro or Elite will not be excellent, but you’ll get that extra level of assurance for those members with that have proven themselves to be exceptionally reliable and provide great temping experiences.

We’ve Had to Remove Some Offices, Hygienists and Assistants

We are committed to upholding our values of providing a respectful, safe, and professional experience through TempStars – and inevitably there are those that, despite feedback and opportunities for improvement, just aren’t a fit for our membership. So we’ve taken measures to remove (and will continue to monitor for) those offices and members who are not providing a consistently reliable, respectful and excellent temping experience.

It’s equally important to us that all offices using TempStars are the “good ones” that everyone wants to work at. That being said, the reality is there are very small percentage of offices who have shown a pattern of negative temping experiences and that they aren’t a fit for our membership.

Still Lots to Do!

As you know, TempStars is a constant (and exciting!) Work in Progress. Our Community Management initiative will take another month or so to finish off, and even then we will be tweaking and improving it.

We have a LOT more features and improvements coming down the pipeline, including rewards and perks for Pro and Elite status members. So stay tuned and please keep the feedback coming – it’s how we know where to focus our time and energy making the most important improvements that matter to you!

Kindest regards,
James Younger, DDS
Founder/CEO, TempStars
& Your TempStars Team