We are on an unwavering mission to improve the work lives of dental professionals by remaining the option for happy temping and hiring connections between those looking to hire for temping and permanent positions, and those seeking employment for those roles.

Have you ever wondered how TempStars continues to grow, what drives us, and what we want to accomplish? What you just read is our overall mission statement. The statement we genuinely believe in and that drives the whole operation of TempStars. If we had to boil it down, we’d simply say that we want to improve the work lives of dental professionals. Every shift we connect, every team meeting, every app update, every exchange with member support, every blog post, every Instagram comment… It’s all for this purpose.

As we enter the year 2021, moving forward from the challenges we all faced in 2020, we do so with an optimistic vision to continue working towards fulfilling our mission statement.

So, to give you an inside look into what our team has on the vision board for the year, here’s what 2021 looks like for TempStars:

Valuing our members

We serve and care equally about all dental professionals and their patients. Internally and with our members, we connect with and respond to the humanity of the individual. In 2020, we made a concerted effort to show our members how deeply we care about each one. You might remember that we banned the word “temp” from our vocabulary, in order to address a person as an individual rather than simply “a temp” who uses TempStars. These are the small but meaningful discussions we will continue to have in 2021.

Always listening, improving, and iterating

You may sometimes wonder to yourself, “Another TempStars app update already?”. Well, we fundamentally believe that the key to making TempStars the best it can be is to continually improve our service. And that means rapid turnaround times from when we receive feedback or get ideas for improvements and when we develop and release that improvement.

As a team, we thrive in the continual growth and dynamic environment.  We actively seek feedback, listen to and respond to the needs of our members and make data-driven decisions based on real-world feedback and engagement patterns, while prioritizing results and outcomes.

Fostering a positive culture

It is well known and established that culture is the most important factor to an organization’s success. We take creating and strengthening a healthy, aligned team culture very seriously. A team with a strong, healthy culture creates an exciting, connected and rewarding work life and makes real impact on the lives of those it touches. This is the culture we work hard to foster as we continue to grow, expand, and work with more incredible people on our team.

Bringing TempStars to more communities

In 2020, we not only expanded and grew in new Canadian markets like Manitoba and Saskatchewan, we launched in the US! As we look ahead to this year, we will continue bringing dental professionals together by launching TempStars in new regions and expanding our services in our existing areas. Each place we go, we have the joy of learning about the uniqueness of dental professionals everywhere – and this allows us to learn and grow.

Community management initiatives

With the goal of building trust, engagement, and loyalty among the TempStars membership, we have some exciting community management initiatives underway. Using our real data on thousands of temping shifts and thousands of members, we can improve the overall membership. We’ll have more to share soon, and we can’t wait!

Giving back

As we grow and flourish with the support of thousands of dental professionals, we will continue to give back to the profession that we love. We’ll do so by supporting charitable organizations in the dental space, providing support to local and regional groups, and providing graduation awards to individuals soon to enter the industry.

Thank you all for joining us on this journey. 2021 will be a year of greatness for us all!

-Your TempStars team