TempStars v3.10 release!

As of today, TempStars v3.10 release is now live and ready for all our members to use. At TempStars, we carefully review and analyze the user experience that a Member goes through when posting or booking a dental temping shift. We find ways to maintain a non-traditional method of creating local temping connections. No agency hassles, no awkward negotiations. With this new release, we have implemented an insta-book feature to accelerate the process of booking a shift.

So What’s new with TempStars v3.10?

Finding and book dental temping shifts as a Dental Hygienist or Assistant should be a seamless experience. Convenience has always been important to us when amplifying our services. That’s why we’re introducing the Insta-Book feature. This feature is exclusive to Pro and Elite members. Not yet Pro or Elite? Learn how you can achieve Pro and Elite status here.

Insta-Book Feature

How does Insta-Book work?

When an office is posting a shift, they can enable the option to make that shift an insta-booked shift. This means, any Pro or Elite hygienist/assistant in their area, can automatically book themselves into that shift, at the hourly rate the office picked. If the hygienist/assistant doesn’t agree with that rate, they can still send in a normal offer at their preferred hourly rate!

When a hygienist/assistant selects to insta-book a shift, the shift is immediately booked and confirmed – no wait time of sending in an offer and the office doesn’t miss out on a chance to book a great hygienist/assistant.

As always, we always appreciate hearing feedback and suggestions from our members.

Have an idea for our next update? Send us an email to ideas@tempstars.com.

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