TempStars v3.9.1 is here!

As of today, TempStars v3.9.1 is now live and ready for all our members to use. This update has been heavily inspired by member feedback. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate member feedback and how much we love hearing from our members. After all, our service is for our members and when we enhance our service, we keep our members at the forefront of our decisions.

So What’s new with TempStars v3.9.1?

After several member interviews and carefully listening to members concerns about COVID PPE and proper protocols in the offices, we have included a new feature to give members a peace of mind when booking shifts with an office that they have never been to before. In addition, we have also renamed our “Available Now” switch for more clarity in the actual functionality of the switch. Finally, we also augmented the recommendation score within the TempStars Job Board so it is even more accurate in determining whether a candidate is a right fit for your office.

COVID PPE Endorsements

Though it may feel like we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, it is still not over. The safety of our member is important for the dental professional community, the office, and the patients. So, we have built a new feature – COVID PPE endorsements.

Now, after a shift, a pop-up will appear for hygienists and assistants to indicate if an office has adequate COVID PPE and protocols. If yes, then future shifts that office posts will show the office is endorsed in the shift details.

Available Today Switch

Remember the “Available Now” switch at the top of the screen while in the app? It has now been renamed to “Available Today”. The functionality of this switch remains the same, but we wanted to ensure the label of the switch exactly matches the function.

How does the switch work?

✅ Turn on the switch
🔔 Get text message notifications as soon as a new temping shift is posted
📥 Be first to submit an offer for the temping shift = higher chances for you to pick up that shift!

Note: The switch automatically turns off after 12h or, just switch it off whenever you’d like. You’re in control. Pick up last minute shifts to fill your day!

Recommendation Score

We have enhanced our algorithmic recommendation score on the TempStars Job Board to even more accurately match prospective candidates to a dental office looking to fill a position. We’ve made hiring even easier and more predictable – you’re welcome! 🙂

As always, we always appreciate hearing feedback and suggestions from our members.

Have an idea for our next update? Send us an email to ideas@tempstars.com.