Dental Offices: How to Ace the End of Year Surge Using Tempstars

Are you looking at the bookings for the next few weeks and thinking to yourself, “How are we going to get through this?”. If so, you would not be alone, as dental offices across the country are now dealing with the very real issue of upcoming surges in demand. 

With dental insurance benefits typically ending on December 31st, as a dental temp agency, we see first-hand how busy practices can become at this time of year. Acing the surge is something we are sure dental practice management tries to plan for all year. However, keeping patients happy and operations flowing could be simpler than you think. 

Keep reading to learn the tips that we know work as a dental temp app provider.

6 Considerations To Make When Planning For Dental Office Success During Peak Season

Plan Your Hours

We know that patients will be attending appointments to use up dental benefits. However, that doesn’t mean they can visit at any time of the day.  For many, vacation hours can be limited before a major holiday.

That means assessing the feasibility of implementing flexible scheduling and extended hours are essential to accommodate the higher volume of patient appointments. Furthermore, having more flexible hours will likely help you appeal to temping professionals looking to fit extra working hours around other commitments.

Find A Dental Staffing Agency 

You will need temporary dental professionals this surge season; there is no denying that. With patient demand being higher, staff likely to take vacations and illness inevitably creeping in as the weather changes, you must have a plan b staffing-wise. The best way to eliminate delays when a gap in staffing is experienced is to work with a dental staffing agency. 

At TempStars, we offer a simple way for offices to book shifts repeatedly. Not only do we offer temporary Dental hygienist jobs and opportunities for temp dental assistants as a benefit, but with our app, you can post a position in just a few minutes. 

Whoever you choose to source temps from this surge season, you should stick with one platform. This allows for consistent postings will appeal to temps and keep workflows efficient for your existing teams.

Brush Up On Safety Procedures

Do you want to secure top talent this surge season? The best way to do that is offering a professional environment that has everyone’s best interests at heart.

Review and reinforce health and safety protocols to ensure compliance with industry standards and guidelines. Emphasize the importance of infection control measures, particularly during times of increased patient traffic as well as offering training for staff members. This means everyone will be on the same page, whether they are temporary or permanent. As well as reducing risk, this also guarantees harmonious working conditions.

Invest In Patient Experience

The beauty of choosing our temping professionals is you don’t need a communication strategy for when things go wrong. Instead, you can eliminate this as part of the planning and instead find a solution in terms of replacement staff. 

Investing in the patient experience during busy times means loyalty and brand reputation can be improved simultaneously. 

Whether you do this by maximizing the potential of temporary dental hygienists  or encouraging assistants to develop strong patient care relationships, the benefits will be plentiful.

Consider Company Culture 

A positive workplace culture is more important than ever before within the dental sector. This is because it allows offices to retain full-time employees and attract the best temping talent. Company culture also transmits down to patients. 

The company culture directly influences how employees interact with clients or customers. A positive culture that emphasizes customer service excellence will be reflected in how employees handle increased pressure. If you experience a stressful surge season, your patients will know about it.

Instead, make plans to show your staff respect, ensure their well-being is maintained, and alleviate as many extra responsibilities as possible.

Look To Technology For Simple Solutions

Last, we recommend you look at how technology can lighten the loads whilst ensuring things run smoothly. 

This is possible as technology enables the automation of routine and repetitive tasks. Additionally, this frees human resources for more complex and strategic activities. This can result in increased productivity and reduce the likelihood of errors associated with manual processes.

Within dental offices experiencing a busy seasonal surge, aspects such as recruiting temps and managing appointments should always be conducted using technology for the smoothest operations.

Choose TempStars This Surge Season

If you want to hire staff as part of the seasonal strategy right for your dental office, sign up for TempStars today.

Not only do we have proven experience in providing reliable temps at the busiest of times, but we also work to offer advice to all professionals for improved results during shifts. Furthermore, by working closely with us now and establishing your presence on our platform, 2024 temping will become a breeze for you, with talent applying for your positions without delay.