New Feature!  Vaccine Icon

The Purpose

This feature isn’t to impose on anyone, but just to communicate to our members if an office has an existing Workplace Policy in place that requires everyone (including office employees) who works there to be fully vaccinated.

The purpose of this new feature is to communicate to our members if the office has an existing Workplace Policy in place that requires EVERYONE who works there to be fully vaccinated. This update is not because of a government order, mandate, or regulation. This is part of our commitment to consistently provide happy matches through transparency between dental offices, dental hygienists and assistants. It’s not our place to dictate or influence public or workplace policies. We are here to respect individual preferences and to help match those who have compatible preferences.

The Fix

Despite 100’s of hours of testing, there was a little glitch in our update release on Tuesday December 28th, 2021. The release had in bold red “This Office Requires Vaccine Proof” at the top of temping shift postings even when the office hadn’t indicated. All glitches have been fixed and we acknowledge the confusion that we have caused for some members.

We have re-worded the statement to add clarity. So we re-worded the statement to say, “This office has a workplace policy in place that requires Proof of Full Vaccination to work there.”

Members Questions – We listen closely to your feedback, comments, and questions!

How does this keep Hygienists safe?

Our Response:

“…One of the nice things about this feature is that, if you see an office that has the Vaccination Required icon, then it means the office has a policy that everyone in that office must show proof of vaccination to work there.  Further, if you book a shift with an office who has that icon, you can always use our TempStars messenger to check [directly] with the office about their policy, etc. 

And if an office doesn’t require proof of vaccination (ie. doesn’t have that icon), then you know that there’s a chance that not everyone is vaccinated and you can make an informed decision about [whether or not] to work that shift. [[And likewise if you’re not vaccinated, you’ll know which offices don’t have that requirement]]

And as you know, we have a policy that if a TempStars dental hygienist or assistant arrives at an office to discover the office is not adhering to regulatory and public healthy guidelines and requirements and the hygienist/assistant must leave the shift as a result, the office is obligated to compensate for the entire shift.

So we really are, as an entire team, working hard and doing the best we can in this rodeo ?”

It’s important to note: Some offices posted their shifts before this feature was released, so that information for previously-posted shifts might not be available, but those shifts will get updated in the coming week or so.

We’ll of course keep you posted as things unfold – it’s a moving target but rest assured we’re listening and responding the best we can!