It can sometimes be difficult to find excellent dental hygienists and assistants for your dental practice. It also becomes time-consuming. With all of the patients you need to see, you will be hard-pressed to find the time to interview candidates for these positions.

Thankfully, cities in Louisiana, like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Lafayette now have access to a dental temping agency. A New Orleans dental temp agency will help out dentists in and around the city who want to hire qualified hygienists and assistants.

TempStars is the evolution of dental temping. We are the only dental temp agency geared towards dentists that uses the latest mobile technology, for a seamless hiring process. The vision that birthed TempStars started with frustration over how other dental staffing agencies currently operate. We had a vision to integrate mobile technology into the temp hiring process, to make it as seamless, simple, and effective as possible.

It is now incredibly easy for dental offices to connect directly with hygienists and assistants in their area. TempStars is the only dental staffing agency taking advantage of the modern advances in technology that industry leaders in Silicon Valley use today.

When it comes to using the latest technology, algorithms are all the rage these days. TempStars takes advantage of the same type of technology that heavyweights like Google use. Thanks to its proprietary algorithm, you will know that you will become connected with the best dental hygienists and assistants in your area. Post any available shift you have and get in front of hygienists/assistants who can provide their expertise and service to your dental office. You will stay notified with updates in real-time whenever there is a match for your listing.

A Baton Rouge dental agency will make it easy for you to connect directly with hygienists and assistants in your area. In fact, the process is the easiest out of any dental temp agency out there.

We have an easy-to-understand pricing system. If you are a dental office, you will pay absolutely nothing at all until you successfully hire someone through the dental staffing agency. There are no monthly or hidden fees. You only have to pay a $25 placement fee once you have hired a hygienist or assistant. Forget about trying to find the fine print, because there isn’t any.

When it comes to dental staffing agencies, Lafayette now has a premier option for dental offices in the area. The vision of TempStars has always been to make the process of finding a good hygienist or assistant stress-free. We want to make the lives of dental offices as easy as possible, so they can continue providing the quality service they offer to their patients.

Concerning dental temping agencies, Shreveport is one of the four new locations in Louisiana where TempStars has made its presence. As with New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette, Shreveport deserves a quality source of dental hygienists and assistants. Thankfully, it does now.