How Pittsburgh Dental Professionals Can Have a Flexible Work Life with TempStars

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Pittsburgh dental professionals, TempStars is available in your area! In the past few years, Pittsburgh has seen a significant uptick in its population. More people are moving to the area, and more people are seeking dental treatment as a result. With a booming economy and an increase in demand for dentists, it’s no wonder [...]

TempStars in Philadelphia Is The Fastest Growing Dental Temping App

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TempStars in Philadelphia is the fastest-growing Philadelphia dental temping app. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular dental temp agencies in Pennsylvania. The team at Tempstars has been providing temporary staffing solutions to dentists for years now. They have recently evolved their business model to include a mobile app that helps connect employers [...]

How To Choose A Dental Temp Agency In Chicago

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Choosing a dental temp agency in Chicago can be difficult. It's essential to select one with an excellent reputation, offers competitive pay rates for their temps, and provides reliable service to employers seeking temps. In this blog post, we'll help you decide on how to choose the right Chicago dental temping agency.  Make an [...]

TempStars Powers Up with v4.0

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TempStars v4.0 is finally here! Today is a big day as we roll out TempStatrs v4.0. We're very excited about this release because it is a huge power up for Dental Professionals, Dental Offices, and the larger dental community. We've made so many updates to our service within the last year. From new [...]

New Dental Temping Agency in Boston Gives More Options

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In a world where there are more jobs than there are qualified people, it is no surprise that companies and individuals alike need to find new ways to fill the gaps. In Boston, our new dental temping agency has opened up, providing temporary positions for both company staff and individual employees. This means that [...]

A Guide to Your TempStars Membership

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A Guide to Your TempStars Membership About TempStars Membership TempStars is committed to remaining the fastest, easiest, and most predictable way for dental offices to find and book amazing dental hygienists and assistants for temporary shifts. Likewise, our passion is helping dental hygienists and assistants empower their professional lives by providing [...]

Recap: ‘Ask James Anything’ IG Live

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Recap: 'Ask James Anything' IG Live TempStars dental temping and hiring – Do you know what services TempStars offers and how the company operates? Are you a new member to TempStars or perhaps you have questions about new features? On October 28 2021, our very own James Younger, DDS Founder/CEO, TempStars hosted [...]

TempStars Hourly Rates

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TempStars Hourly Rates As we all know, digital media and communication channels are a flurry of activity lately!  Our team at TempStars has been seeing a couple of conversations online and received a handful of e-mails discussing the topic of hourly rates of dental hygienists and assistants lately.  So I thought it [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Temping this Fall

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 Dental Temping as a Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant, is it for you? Dental Temping for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants Are you a Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant looking to have more control over your dental career? Have you ever thought about dental temping? Look, we hear you and understand the current pain points [...]

Top Pennsylvania Dental Staffing Agency – How to Find FAQs

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If you have a dental practice in Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or somewhere else, you will inevitably have situations where you are short-staffed. To avoid the financial repercussions this could bring to your practice, you will likely be looking into getting temporary employees hired through a dental staffing agency. However, you may have [...]