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Hiring: a common obstacle on the path to success

Dentists and office managers often have the same complaint: they stress over staff relations and the performance of team members. These are actually some of the main concerns for managers across all industries.

It can be frustrating to see your team as an obstacle that doesn’t allow you to reach goals such as full schedules, new patient growth, patient loyalty, and case acceptance. So how can leaders avoid this and instead cultivate a team that contributes to their goals?

Build your human resources system

Human resources is a step-by-step process and it can save your dental practice thousands of dollars, reduce wasted energy and time. Of course, an HR system can be tailored to the size of the dental practice – all it takes is focus, energy, and planning.

When managers make the effort to review, improve, and implement their human resources system – many problems are avoided. Many offices don’t have a structured process for finding the right candidates for the team, and it can be damaging to their overall operation. Creating job descriptions, hiring the right people, drafting contracts, preparing orientation, and creating employee manuals are all necessary steps to building a great team.

One of the most important aspects of HR systems is making sure you attract and choose the right team members with a more efficient recruiting system. Part of that is defining the role you want to fill in, the right kind of person for the job, and have a job description that will attract the right people for it.

Step 1. Set up an HR team to define a job description and determine the characteristics for the right candidate.

If it’s possible, you should have more than one person handling the recruiting, screening, and interviewing process. Having only one person handle all the decisions may not result in the best fit for the whole time.

Team members should help by identifying needs, the requirements of the position, and create a profile of the kind of person who’s perfect for the job. When your employees help you define and understand the position you’re trying to fill in, they will not only feel more included but they will also support the new member. So, start by asking questions such as:

Team and practice

  • Why are we hiring for this position or making a replacement?
  • What’s the most important value the position provides to the efficiency of the team?
  • How does the position impact patients?
  • What’s the cost of the position based on market and affordability?
  • Who does the employee report to?
  • What kind of training is required during the first 90 days?
  • What kind of instruments and equipment will they be using on a daily basis?
  • What metrics indicate success in the position?
  • What hours does the position requires?
  • What tasks need to be performed in the position?
  • What degrees, licenses, and other requirements are needed for the position?

Candidate ideal Characteristics

  • What abilities does the person need to succeed in the position?
    • Education level
    • Time management
    • Computer and software experience
    • Analytical skills
    • Organizational skills
  • What are the best strengths for the position?
  • EQ— Feeling-based emotional management. This includes values, emotions, desires, preferences, attitudes, etc. This will help you determine how the candidate will interact with others, how emotionally stable they are, their level of self-esteem and confidence, among other things.

If it’s possible, ask the former employee to determine how accurate the job description is and make changes if necessary.

Step 2. Write an accurate job description.

Job descriptions are essential when it comes to finding the right person for a position. It’s what helps you attract the right people, help employees understand the responsibilities of the position, allow you to evaluate performance, and more.

A job description must communicate the responsibilities and tasks the position entails in a clear and concise manner. It also must determine the qualifications necessary, the basic requirements, and the attributes required for successful performance. It also must define how the position relates to other positions in the dental practice.

Ultimately this will save your dental practice time and money.

The elements of a job description

  • Title of the position
  • Summary of the position
  • Required qualifications
  • List of responsibilities
  • Tasks
  • Responsibilities

A job description must be simple and summarize all the important information. It also must be treated as a living document, meaning it should be updated as necessary.

Step 3. Create an ad.

Once you have a job description, you can work on a job posting that details the required qualifications so you can post it on your website and other networks.

Here’s what a good ad looks like:

“Our family-oriented, progressive dental practice is evolving and we are looking for the right person in the administrative area for a full-time position. The candidate must have experience in customer or selling services, have a positive disposition, and the capacity to adapt to a fast-paced multi-tasking environment. Proficient computer skills are required and the candidate must be confident, outgoing, personable, and enjoy dealing with patients. Dental office experience is a bonus.”

Once you publish your job posting, you can start screening candidates and prepare for interviews!

Get Started – It’s easy!

Once you’ve prepared, you’ll want to post your job on the website with the best possible rate of success.

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