TempStars Job Board – How Do Tokens Work?

TempStars uses a “token-based” system for viewing the resumes of candidates.  Here’s how it works:

It’s free to post any job to the job board, and we never charge a ‘hiring fee’ or ‘finders fee’.

When a candidate applies for a job, you’ll see that candidate’s general information:

  • Year and school of graduation
  • How far from your office they live
  • Whether they worked at your office before, and if so what your review of them was
  • Their track record for Interview Reliability
  • Our proprietary Recommendation Score, which uses our vast database of temping connections and reviews to suggest how happy you would be with the candidate if you hired them.
  • Our Recommendation Score is based on their overall reliability and professionalism on TempStars, as well as their work history with your office (if they’ve worked there before).

Once you review all that information, you can decide if you want to use 1 Token to view their resume.

Using a token shows you that candidate’s resume, and you can view/download that resume at your leisure.  From there you can arrange interviews, etc.  Again – there are no hiring/finder’s fees for hiring a TempStars member, so you don’t have to let us know if you hire them.

You can purchase additional tokens by tapping the token icon on the top right of the job board page.  If you have multiple locations, your tokens can be used to view candidate resumes for any of your locations.

1 Token = $18 + hst, and you’ll see in the purchase screen there are discounts for bulk purchases.

As always, if you have any question get in touch with us at help@tempstars.ca and we’re happy to help!