The dentistry workforce is constantly changing. As a result, dental leaders are turning to temp agencies. A temp agency can help them fill staffing holes triggered by turnover or staff going away for extended periods due to personal circumstances. 

A dental temping agency is a placement service that identifies prospective employees seeking short-term employment with a dental practice. More temp agencies are being formed and relied on as dental leaders seek immediate hiring solutions and try to improve their employee retention capabilities. Adding as little as 5% in retention can boost profits for dental practices by 25%. Having anyone ready and willing to take shifts and work in a practice will help retention rates and a dental temping agency does extensive research to quickly find the right people for dental businesses.

Dental practices stand to capitalize on various benefits when working with a dental temping agency. This includes improving their dental team productivity to streamlining workflows. Dental owners might be on the fence about collaborating with a dental temping agency to address their staffing needs. The following information offers some incentives that might urge leaders to connect with a temp service today. 

You’re Able to Cover Your Team When Unforeseen Circumstances Arise 

One of the biggest benefits that a dental temping agency is that they provide them with a ready short-term solution as required.

Life is chock full of unforeseen circumstances that disrupt daily workflows, and the dental industry is no exception as employees may need to take time off due to personal matters. From welcoming a child to needing medical care, there are various scenarios where a hygienist, assistant or someone from the administrative team requires time away to handle their affairs. You may also have last-minute call-outs as employees are unable to reach work due to emergencies. 

Dental temp agencies can find people open to working temporarily at a dental practice who can cover for absentee staff who call in sick or cannot report to work to attend a personal matter. Patient obligations must be met and rescheduling them, especially when practices don’t have the personnel to handle a ton of obligations, can be detrimental to productivity. With patient confidence gradually increasing in the new normal, as well as transformational technologies like artificial intelligence and teledentistry being introduced in dentistry, dental owners need immediate staffing solutions to meet patient demand. They also need temporary staffers who can come in and operate advanced technology, quickly adjusting to the way that practices run their daily operations. 

Temp agencies are easy to partner with. You will have immediate access to prospective temp workers, communicating with them to get an idea of whether they’re the right fit to work with their dental team. Temp agencies find temporary workers promptly and take some of the hiring stresses off the shoulders of dental owners. 

Temp Agencies Help Dental Practices to Streamline Their Growth  

Dental temps help practices to grow and expand successfully

For dental practices looking to expand or currently expanding, working together with a dental temping agency allows them to streamline their growth. Dental owners connect directly with staff ready to fill positions.

While expanding, practices will need more dental staffers to buffer their respective teams. The logical thing for practices to do is to post their available positions on job boards to try and garner interest. However, by posting on job boards, dental practices are exposing their positions to a wider audience. As a result, dental practices aren’t attracting sufficient applicants with the requisite experience. Many people who witness these ads have never been in a dental office besides getting a cleaning or alternative procedure. Dental leaders have expressed frustration with all the job advertising options they have tried and inability to consistently attract applicants. 

Dental temping agencies are specialists who will find the people who fit what you’re looking for in a prospective dental team member. Temping agencies provide dental owners with direct access to the dentistry market as practices post positions directly to people in the industry. The job hiring process is more specific, enabling dental leaders to find professionals who fit their job descriptions. 

Also, dental practices can insource their specialty procedures rather than recommend other practices to their patients looking to get those procedures done. Dental businesses can provide more services by bringing in temporary staff, retaining revenue and clientele. 

Dental Temp Agencies Find Solutions for Practices During Busy Periods

It gets hectic quite often in a dental office

With patients returning to dental practices in earnest, dental owners need additional cover during hectic times. Often, dental teams will know in advance which weeks will be busier than others. Many dental temps want to know what their schedules will look like in advance. This allows them to be prepared to step in as soon their availability opens up.

Suppose dental teams have no openings for the immediate future. In addition, they are looking for people to help them optimize workload distribution. In that case, temping agencies will help people find temporary staffers ready to take several shifts. A dental temping agency can assist in finding both an assistant and an associate. A dental temping agency connects professionals with staff able to fill one or multiple roles for an extended time. 

Knowing that temp workers are available to share responsibilities leads to a more productive and energetic staff. 

Dental Owners Can Focus On More Demanding Tasks

A dental temping agency makes life easier. Dental owners focus much of their energy on running a business. They are also concerned with the happiness of their employees.

Dental owners focus on the logistical and financial aspects of operating a business. For this reason, they don’t have the time to scout prospective hires appropriately. Temping agencies take some of that hard work off the plates of dental leaders. Dental leaders can focus on streamlining growth. In addition, they can introduce new measures that boost productivity. They can also prepare training programs that quickly integrate temporary hires when they come in. 

A dental temping agency is there for convenience. This allows dental leaders to pay more attention to other important facets of their business. Your practice will have strong access to a big database of potential temp workers who can fill staffing slots. 

More than 3,200 dental practices across Canada see the convenience in TempStars. Our clients trust us to find the right staffing solutions. Sign up with us today, and let’s sure up your team with some great new hires!