Dental Offices Cancelling Short Notice

TempStars became the largest and #1 rated dental temping and hiring service because we have a strong reputation for providing the best temping and hiring matches, consistently and predictably.


And that reputation relies on us having the largest pool of excellent & reliable dental professionals.  So you can see how our reputation supports our pool of available hygienists and assistants, and that available pool supports our reputation.  They rely on each other.


When a hygienist or assistant books a temping shift, they are making a commitment to your office and giving up other opportunities to earn income that day.  When you cancel a shift with less than 24hrs notice, that often leaves the hygienist/assistant unemployed for that day because they don’t have time to pick up a replacement shift on such short notice.

If we start to develop a reputation for placing hygienists and assistants with offices who short-notice cancel shifts, this affects our entire membership:

  1.  Another office who could have booked the hygienist/assistant wasn’t able to
  2. The hygienist/assistant loses a day of income, which they rely on to support themselves and their family
  3. The hygienist/assistant may complain or spread bad word-of-mouth about TempStars
  4. Any tarnished reputation can affect our ability to predictably place excellent, reliable temping hygienists and assistants
  5. Then offices use TempStars less, because our pool starts to shrink – meaning less opportunities for other hygienists and assistants to work

So you can see, for this reason, we have implemented a Short Notice Cancellation Policy:

If your office cancels a shift with less than 24hrs notice, we will try our best to find the hygienist/assistant a replacement shift.  If we can, then all is good!  If we are unable, to compensate for the income loss, your office will be responsible for paying the hygienist /assistant for 50% of the hours of the shift, less .5hrs.

So, for example:  A 7hr shift that is short-notice cancelled will pay the hygienist/assistant for 7hrs X .5 = 3.5hrs, minus .5hrs = 3hrs.

Note:  In situations where an office shortens a shift and then proceeds to cancel the shift within 24hrs of the shift’s scheduled Arrival Time, the originally posted shifts hours apply.

Please note, we do not charge our placement fee for any cancellations, this is just to compensate the hygienist/assistant for the income loss due to the cancellation.

Thank you for understanding that we have implemented this policy so that we can continue to serve your office, team and patients with the best experience possible – predictably drawing on the largest, most reliable and professional hygienists and assistants for you.