Oral Health Group Brush Up Podcast: Building Your Dream Team

Dr. James Younger is a practicing dentist and the CEO/Founder of TempStars, a service that connects dental practices with great dental hygienists and assistants. Recently, he was featured on Oral Health Group’s Brush Up podcast, where he discussed the importance of building a dream team at a dental practice, and how the job market conditions, both pre-and post-COVID, play a role in this process.

Dr. Younger emphasized the importance of work-life balance for both the practice and its team, stating that “a happy team is a productive team.” He also touched on the importance of creating a positive work culture, one that is inclusive and supportive, and that encourages personal and professional growth. Dr. Younger believes that by fostering a positive work environment, practices can attract and retain top talent, which is crucial for the success of any business.

Dental Professionals are looking for a positive and happy work environment

Dr. Younger also spoke about the challenges of the job market in the dental industry, both pre-and post-COVID. He noted that prior to the pandemic, the job market for dental professionals was already competitive and that the pandemic has only made it more so. However, he also pointed out that this presents an opportunity for practices to stand out by offering not just a good salary and benefits, but also a positive work environment, flexible schedules, and opportunities for growth and advancement.

Dr. Younger also discussed the importance of paving a path to success for new hires. He emphasized the importance of training and mentorship, stating that “we want to set our new hires up for success, not just throw them into the deep end.” He also highlighted the importance of clear communication and setting expectations, as well as providing opportunities for feedback and growth.

In conclusion, Dr. James Younger is a successful dentist, CEO/Founder of TempStars, and a well-respected voice in the dental industry. His advice on building a dream team at a dental practice is valuable, and his emphasis on work-life balance, positive work culture, and paving a path for success is something that all practices should take to heart. Dr. Younger’s vision and leadership have made TempStars a leading company in the dental industry and his insights will definitely be useful for dental practices looking to improve their team and business.

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