If you have recently graduated or returning to work as a dental hygienist or wish to explore this field as a mom, you can surely look at it as a field to freelance and make some quick money instead of working full time through a dental staffing agency Colorado Springs.

So, here we have listed out some tips on how to not only get acquainted with the job of a temp hygienist Colorado Springs but also succeed in your work so that the dental temping agencies Colorado Springs keeps calling you for more jobs.

  • Planning: When you are going through a dental temp agency Colorado Springs for your temp job, you must find out the address of the office, time to arrive, lunch hours and most important of all, your hourly charges that the dental temp agency Colorado Springs or the organization would pay you.
  • Attire and gears: If you are hired by a dental hiring agency Colorado Springs, the office is supposed to give you gloves; lab coat, as well as eye wears, during your shift as per OSHA standards. If they don’t you can remind them of the standards to follow.
  • Create a Rapport: Just like in any job, it is important that dental temps Colorado Springs maintain a good rapport with the staff in the office as well as offer a great service to the patients that come in. If they have a pleasant appearance, they will ask for you next time and it will make you stand out amongst the others who also joined as a temp dental assistant Colorado Springs.
  • Office Procedures: When hired by a dental temp agency Colorado Springs, remember that you have the opportunity to not just work in an office but also improve dentistry in general. See if you can help in daily duties around the office or make suggestions to help things run smoother within the office. Although not all your suggestions may be adopted, you will get a great reputation in Colorado Springs as being helpful and innovative.
  • Understand the Office Setup: Even though you were likely just brought in for one or two shifts, through d dental staffing agency in Colorado Springs, ensure you are family , you are familiar with all the equipment in the office before the patient arrives. Such as the chair, the lights, the Cavitron machine, X-ray machines, the computer software, and anything else that you will be using. To create a positive reputation for yourself in Colorado Springs, it is integral to learn where all the supplies are stored, how a room should be set up, and how to clean instruments (if applicable). 
  • Team Work: When you are hired by a dental staffing agency Colorado Springs, you must find a way to smoothly work alongside an already existing team. You can do so by being friendly and supportive towards everyone on the team. This will also keep your name top of mind when offices go to hire.