Last week, TempStars CEO James Younger hosted an exciting Instagram Live ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A session where he answered a variety of questions that our audience and members submitted, that related to the dental industry, temping and TempStars. In this blog post, we highlight some of the topics from the Q&A session.

TempStars Short-Notice Cancellation Policy

One of the questions that came up during the session was related to TempStars’ short-notice cancellation policy. The policy is in place to protect dental professionals from losing work due to last minute cancellations. It also ensures that dental practices can rely on TempStars to provide reliable dental hygienist and assistant temps.

Why James Created the TempStars App

Another question that came up during the session was related to why James created the TempStars app. James explained that he saw a need in the dental industry for a modern and efficient solution, that makes the process of connecting dental practices and dental temps easier and faster.

The app  provides a seamless experience for both dental practices and dental professionals, from finding and booking shifts to managing payments and invoices. The app is constantly evolving based on user feedback, and TempStars is committed to providing the best temping service in the industry.

Pro and Elite Status

James also took some time during the session to explain TempStars’ Pro and Elite status. Dental professionals who consistently provide exceptional service to dental practices are rewarded Pro and Elite status.

The Future of TempStars

The session also included a sneak peek of upcoming updates for the TempStars app. TempStars continues to grow and expand across Canada and the United States, and is the go-to dental temping service for dental practices and dental professionals.

To watch the full recording of the IG Live Stream click the link here or access the video below.