Finding a good dental temp agency can be tricky.  Especially true if your dental office is not in a major city like Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa, or Vancouver.   When you’re looking, here are a few things to look for:

What To Look For In a Dental Temp Agency

  • Does the dental temp agency have 24hr service?

You’re looking for an agency that is available around the clock.  When you get a text message from a member of your team saying they won’t make it in, you want to the search for a temp to start right away.

  • Does the agency place dental hygienists?

Traditionally dental offices have multiple dental hygienists on their team.  Just based on probabilities, that means a hygienist is the most likely member of the team to be calling in sick.  Be sure the temp agency places dental hygienists quickly.

  • Do they have a large pool of temps to draw from?

The more hygienists and other candidates the agency has on their roster, the more likely you will find a good quality temp candidate quickly.

  • Do they have a good reputation in the industry?

Talk to your colleagues about dental temp agencies they’ve used.  Usually you can get some good leads from them.  It doesn’t hurt to send an e-mail off to the agency as well to get a sense for their responsiveness and customer service.

If you’re looking to find a good dental hygienist quickly, TempStars uses cutting edge mobile technology to help.  We have over 300 hygienist members in Toronto, the GTA, Ottawa and Vancouver.  You can post your job and find a temp faster and more easily than other placement agencies.